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It’s not just about Pubic Works…Its about so much more

Ever wonder how things happen behind the scenes in municipal government? This podcast explores the people that make our government and communities work. We look for people who support our communities and want to share what they do for our communities with you.

But it goes beyond just government, guests also include local leaders, change agents, and creatives that are working hard  behind the scenes to bring awareness, improve how we live, and help all those involved to deliver better services more effectively and at acceptable cost. 

Why This Podcast?

In my amazing career working for leading municipal governments in Ontario, I have come to know many people and organizations that are passionate about making their communities great places to live, work, and play.

I have also found that most citizens do not necessarily know how this all comes to be. In one way, this is a testament to the incredibly coordinated and skilled efforts of many people who make sure that so many systems and services are functioning every minute of every day. It’s these efforts that allow us to live our lives without worry about things like were our water comes from, who keeps the roads safe, and who organizes the various programs and services that take care of our many day to day needs. 

What Can we do as Individuals?

Surprisingly a lot more than we might think!

Every episode is created to inform and support you, the citizen. Each episode ends with a Call to Action to give you something to think about and act on in a way that is practical and impactful for you, your community and society. 

Every day do one thing to make your community a better place to live 

Help me bring more understanding and insight into how we live in community.

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