How Public Works Episodes

As the mayor of the largest city in Durham Region, Mayor Carter has a diverse community to serve, from historic
Sid is an organizational strategist and performance consultant who understands how organizations and people can be more effective, efficient and
Pete Ewins is the former Director of Canada's Endangered Species Program for the World Wildlife Fund with a focus on
Dianne Saxe is an environmental lawyer who has an extensive career in advocating for environment, climate and sustainability in our
John Henry is the Regional Chair of Durham Region and shares his perspectives, initiatives and successes in the topics of
Where our water and sewage go and what happens when we turn on the tap. Mariko is an author and
North Sannich is a beautiful community on Vancouver Island where there are about 12,000 residents. Murray shares his views on
With climate change comes more extreme and intense weather events. This has given rise to in increased awareness, formalization and
RainscapeTO is a local organization that creates rain gardens and other features designed to intercept rain runoff from properties to
Did you know that 1 in 3 people have had experience with or know someone dealing with homelessness? In this

4 thoughts on “How Public Works Episodes”

  1. Hi Ilmar!
    Taken a while to get connected with you but I am so glad I did! Your podcast is great! (I’m Amy, Rahel/Rachelle/Luke’s friend)

    1. Hi Amy,

      I thought I responded but now I’m not sure. Anyway great to hear from you and glad you tapped in. Hope we get to see you again soon

    1. Thank you so much! More are coming this spring and I am also launching a podcasts called “How People Work” about the psychology of individuals and society

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